Stephen Curry rookie cards are on fire!  Stephen Curry had a stat-filled season. The Warriors point guard average 30.1 points per game while averaging 6.7 assists.  His incredible 3-point percentage was among the league’s best at .454%.  He is also dangerous from the line nailing over 90% of his free throws. He’s an unstoppable threat from every part of the court.  His quickness and cross-over dribble is by far the best in the NBA.  These are just a few reasons why his rookie cards are a must-have.

Stephen Curry Rookie Cards Prestige

Curry Maybe the Greatest NBA Player Ever

The comparison of Steph Curry to players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Lebron James shows the respect he has earned over the years.  He may not look like them standing at only 6’3, but he plays like he is 8 Ft tall.  Curry is not a one-dimensional player.  He can shoot 3 pointers with deadly precision, take the ball inside, and create opportunities for his surrounding cast.  That is what elite players do.  Stephen Curry rookie cards are worth their weight in gold.

“He’s special. He’s that special, man. He’s much better than an All-Star.”
Lebron James

Amazing Popularity

Stephen is starting to contend with the great Lebron James as the new face of the NBA.  He will have to get an NBA title under his belt to prove his worthiness to sum even though winning this year’s MVP trophy is good enough for most fans.  His jerseys sell out quickly, and ESPN talks about him on every Sports Center broadcast.   The popularity of a player drives card prices.  When you consider these factors, you have another reason to start buying these great basketball cards.

Stephen Curry Rookie Cards Are Still Very Affordable

Stephen Curry rookie cards are gaining in popularity, but some of his RC cards are still reasonably priced.  Many of his key rookie cards sell for $15-$30 in mint condition.  Some of his more expensive autographed and game-used rookies are almost impossible to purchase so if you are getting in late stick to his more affordable cards.

Stephen Curry Limited Edition Art Card

Stephen Curry Art Card

Only 49 Made!
Each Card is individually Numbered
Each Card is Hand Signed by the Artist

 Stephen Curry Rookie Card Checklist

Year BrandPlayerCard No.TypeSpecialPrint Run
2009 Adrenalyn XLStephen Curry#67Rookie
2009 Bowman 48Stephen Curry#106Rookie
2009 CertifiedStephen Curry#176RookieJersey Autograph
2009 ClassicsStephen Curry#166RookieAutograph/499
2009 Court KingsStephen Curry#129RookieAutograph
2009 Crown RoyaleStephen Curry#103RookieAutograph/399
2009 Donruss EliteStephen Curry#166RookieAutograph
2009 Exquisite CollectionStephen Curry#64RookieAutograph
2009 LimitedStephen Curry#156RookieJersey Autograph
2009 PaniniStephen Curry#307Rookie
2009 PaniniStephen Curry#357Rookie
2009 PaniniStephen Curry#372Rookie
2009 Panini ThreadsStephen Curry#107RookieAutograph/625
2009 Playoff ContendersStephen Curry#106RookieSP Autograph
2009 Playoff National TreasuresStephen Curry#206RookieJersey Autograph
2009 PrestigeStephen Curry#157Rookie
2009 PrestigeStephen Curry#207Rookie
2009 PrestigeStephen Curry#230RookieDavidson
2009 Rookies and StarsStephen Curry#136RookieAutograph/449
2009 SP Game UsedStephen Curry#133Rookie
2009 StudioStephen Curry#129Rookie
2009 Timeless TreasuresStephen Curry#106RookieAutograph
2009 ToppsStephen Curry#321Rookie
2009 Topps ChromeStephen Curry#101Rookie
2009 Upper DeckStephen Curry#234RookieS
2009 Upper Deck First EditionStephen Curry#196Rookie

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The Golden State Warriors Have Young Team

Steph has a great supporting cast.  His teammates help make his rookie cards worth buying.  The Warriors broke the NBA record winning 73 games this season.  Players like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green had great seasons which reduced some of the double teams Curry had to contend with.  Stephen got better looks at the basket leading to a record-setting season.  If this group of young stars can stay together, you can expect big things from the Warriors for years to come

Stephen Curry Cards, Graded vs Ungraded

Buyers need to make sure that the Stephen Curry cards they buy online are in premium condition.  Condition is one of the most important factors when buying rookie cards online.  Once a purchase is made buyers may want to consider having the rookie cards graded.  Grading can protect the cards from damage as well as help sell the card for a premium price.

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