Collecting Sports Cards is one of the greatest hobbies that you can have,  It can also make you a lot of money if you know what you are doing. Sports trading cards have always been fun to collect and we will break down everything you need to know about each individual sport and where to find the sports cards prices that you are looking for.

Sports Trading Cards, Which Ones do You Prefer

When collecting sports cards you have to decide which sports you prefer to collect.  With the popularity and money making opportunity that have arisen in the past few years there are new sportscards popping up everywhere.  From MMA Cage fighting sports cards to professional wrestling sports cards.  Nothing has been left out by card manufacturers.  Below we will show you a list of the sports trading cards that are available that we know of.

Baseball Cards
Football Cards
Basketball Cards
Hockey Cards
Golf Cards
Nascar Cards
Tennis Cards
WWE Wrestling Cards
Olympic Cards
Horse Racing Cards
MMA Cage Fighting Cards
Boxing Cards
Indy Racing Cards
Extreme Sports Cards

and I am quite sure there are more that we are not aware of.  Once you have decided which sports cards you would like to collect you will than have to figure out a few things.

Sports Card Price Guide

Before you begin buying sports cards I would recommend that you first find out what you are looking for and what the value of the sportscards are that you are looking to purchase.  The bets way to find that information is to purchase a sports card price guide.  The one that we recommend is the Tuff Stuff Magazine.  This includes all the sports cards that are currently being produced and even includes the values of authentic autographs.  This is one of the most well know price guides that will give you all the pricing information that you are looking for.

Determining Sports Card Values

determining sports card values can be done by looking at what the cards are selling for in the open market and not exactly what is in a price guide.  Sports cards values are easy to determine if you look at old auction results which can be viewed online at places like as well as new sites that have popped up in the past few years.  You can go to google and type in auction results and you will get a nice list of sites.

Finding Cards at Sports Card Shows

If you look online you can find a schedule of any local sports card shows in your area.  You can also go to nationals sports card shows which are advertised in almost all baseball card collecting books or periodicals.  Sports card shows are great for finding almost anything that you are looking for.  Most shows have many dealers that attend and you can negotiate prices and possibly buy your sports cards in bulk to help you reduce your price.  The other benefit of buying sports cards at a sports card show is that you can actually hold the card that you are buying and visually see the condition and quality of the sports card you are purchasing.

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