Bryce Harper rookie cards have become some of the most coveted baseball cards in the hobby.  Bryce has lived up to the hype while becoming one of the most feared power hitters major league baseball has ever seen.  Harper terrorizes pitchers by smashing the ball to all parts of the field.  His bat speed is downright incredible and among the best in the game. His age also plays a factor in his rookie cards.  Bryce is only 23 years old!  Harper’s baseball cards are going to be on the radar of most collectors for an extended period.  Even though Harper will be competing with Mike Trout and Kris Bryant collectors you can expect his rookie cards to skyrocket in the years to come.

Bryce Harper rookie card USACard companies like Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck have worked very hard on capitalizing from Harper’s immense popularity.  He already has over 75 different rookie cards.  Some of these baseball cards are limited in production while others even have Bryce Harper autographs splashed on the front of the card.

Bryce Harper Rookie Card Autographs

Some of the most valuable Bryce Harper rookies have on-card autographs.  These hand signed cards sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Both Topps and Upper Deck have included signed Bryce Harper cards in their original sets.  Panini has also invested in Bryce by adding his autographs to many of their new popular Prizm sets.

Some of these unique autographed cards are more limited than others.  Upper Deck USA Baseball cards have Red Ink autographs have been deemed scarcer than blue or black signatures.  These variations are added by card companies to increase the value and demand of these cool looking cards.  Buyers should pay close attention to the print run and the condition of the signatures before making any large purchases.  The condition of the baseball card becomes critical when making a long-term or even short-term investment.  Try not to over-pay for cards in mediocre condition.

Bryce Harper Rookie Cards Checklist

Year& BrandPlayerSpecialCard No#
2009 Bowman AFLACBryce Harper#BH
2009 Bowman AFLAC AutographtographsBryce Harper/230#BH
2009 Sports IllustratedBryce Harper#8B
2009-10 USA BaseballBryce Harper#USA30
2009-10 USA BaseballBryce HarperAutograph#USA83
2010 Bowman Chrome 18U USA BaseballBryce Harper#18BC8
2010 Bowman Chrome USA BaseballBryce HarperBuyback Autograph#18BC8
2010 JUCO World SeriesBryce Harper#1
2012 Bowman ChromeBryce HarperRookie#214
2012 Bowman Chrome DraftBryce HarperRookie#10
2012 Bowman DraftBryce HarperRookie#10
2012 Bowman PlatinumBryce HarperRookie#56
2012 Bowman SterlingBryce HarperRookie#1
2012 FinestBryce HarperRookie#73
2012 Panini National TreasuresBryce HarperJersey Rookie#160
2012 Panini PrizmBryce HarperRookie#152
2012 Panini Signature SeriesBryce HarperRookie#18
2012 Prime CutsBryce HarperJersey/99 Rookie#10
2012 ToppsBryce HarperSP Rookie#661A
2012 Topps Allen and GinterBryce HarperRookie#12
2012 Topps ARookiehivesBryce HarperSP Rookie#241
2012 Topps ChromeBryce HarperHitting Rookie#196A
2012 Topps Five StarBryce HarperRookie#1
2012 Topps HeritageBryce HarperRookie#H650
2012 Topps MiniBryce HarperRookie#661
2012 Topps Triple ThreadsBryce HarperJersey Autograph Rookie#129
2012 Topps UpdateBryce HarperRookie#US183
2012 Topps UpdateBryce HarperRookie#US299A

Value of Bryce Harper Rookie Cards

So how do I find out how much my Bryce Harper rookie cards are worth?  One way is to use our free online baseball price guide.  Here you can type in card details like name, card number, and condition values, which will scour the web and bring back up-to-the-minute results.  The cost of most Bryce Harper rookie cards changes from day to day.  This information can be precious when making a purchase.  Searching completed auctions can give buyers a great idea of what a specific Bryce Harper rookie card is worth.  The key when searching is to make sure you have more than one completed auction to base your decision.

Condition and scarcity are the key elements that drive the value of any baseball card.  The scarcer the RC card, the more expensive it is.  Condition sensitive cards also demand a premium if found in optimum condition.    Make sure that you pay close attention to the condition the card is in as well when trying to determine what the card is worth.  A Bryce Harper rookie in NM-MT condition is worth much less than one grade in GEM MT 10 condition.

Graded Bryce Harper Cards

If you have some Bryce Harper rookie cards that you would like to get graded you have come to the right place.  Grading can help you protect your Bryce Harper cards as well as add to their ungraded value if they are in excellent condition.  Gem MT 10 cards sell for premium prices so it may be worth the $2.50 investment to have your cards professionally graded by GMA Grading.  You can download a submission form here.

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