There has been much debate over the years what is Mickey Mantle Rookie Card. Many collector’s believe that Mantle’s rookie is the 1952 Topps version which is his first Topps card and in turn his most valuable card. The truth of the matter is that Mickey Mantle’s rookie card is his 1951 Bowman card. The card was produced a year earlier and even though it is not as valuable as the 52′ Topps version it is still his rookie.

Why is 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Worth So Much?

Mickey Mantle was possibly the best baseball player ever to play the game. He possibly could have held almost every hitting record if he could have stayed healthy through his short lived career. Mickey had amazing natural talent and power from both sides of the plate. His 1952 Topps card became his most popular baseball card due to the Yankees winning so many World Series Titles in the 50’s and 60’s. Mantle baseball fans feel that the 1952 Topps Baseball Card is the best Mickey Mantle Rookie Card that has ever been produced. The card in recent auctions in Gem MT condition has sold for well over $100,000.00. There have been other cards that have sold for much more like the T206 Honus Wagner but many say that Mickey Mantle Topps card became the backbone of sports card collecting. This card is very hard to find in good condition and even off graded cards sell for large sums of money. Mantle cards will remain popular as long as baseball cards exist over time.

Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

Mickey Mantle baseball cards have always been popular with collectors.  Normally rookie cards are always the best baseball card a player has but the truth is when it comes to Mickey Mantle all of his baseball cards are very valuable. Baseball card collectors have always wanted a piece of Mantle legacy and in turn Mickey Mantle cards are collectors dreams.

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