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Marcus Mariota rookie cards are some of the hottest collectibles in today’s hobby.  The Tennessee Titans superstar showed he was well worth the #2 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Marcus showed great poise in his rookie season and dazzled fans with his long touchdown runs.  His pinpoint accuracy showed fans that he belongs in the NFL.  Fans flocked to card shows looking to buy the most expensive Marcus Mariota rookie cards.  Mariota has been often been compared to Jameis Winston and Joe Montana.  Marcus already has cards that sell for over $2,000 which is pretty amazing when you consider it was his first year in the NFL.  Marcus Mariota autographed football cards are definitely his most valuable football cards while limited-edition parallels are coming in at a close second.

In 2015 there were more than 2,000 different Marcus Mariota rookie cards produced.  This is not a misprint.  Card manufacturers like Topps and Panini made sure to include the young superstar in almost every set they produced.  This crazy sum of rookie cards can leave buyers perplexed.  Here we will break down the difference of the various Marcus Mariota football cards produced in 2015.

Most Affordable Marcus Mariota Rookie Cards

Base cards are normally the most affordable cards you can buy.  These rookie cards are limited in production compared to inserts, parallels or autographed cards.  These football cards still make great collectibles and are much more commonly traded in the hobby.  Some are more limited than others.  Short printed photo variations have become popular to give collectors a more limited version to choose from of the base card. Mariota has more than a few photo variation rookies that sell for 3-4 times the base card.  Buyers should pay close attention to the condition of these cards before making a purchase.

Marcus Mariota Autographed Football Cards

Marcus has tons of rookie cards, but not all of them are autographed.  Many of his cards have been signed.  Typically, the lower the print run the more valuable the cards.  Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck even included game-used jersey swatches on some Marcus Mariota rookies.  These cards are high ticket items and not meant for those on a fixed budget.

How to Find What Marcus Mariota Rookie Cards Are Worth?

GMA Grading offers a free online price guide that can help collectors quickly find out what their Marcus Mariota cards are worth.  The software sifts through thousands of online auctions bringing back results of best-selling Marcus Mariota rookie cards. This is a great resource and searches are unlimited.

Having Your Marcus Mariota Cards Graded

Having your Marcus Mariota rookie cards graded may increase their value.  Graded cards typically sell for more money if they grade well.  Having your Mariota cards graded is affordable and easy with GMA Grading.  You can download a submission form here.  Pricing is only $2.50 a card.

Marcus Mariota RC Card Checklist

CardPrint Run
2015 Bowman Marcus Mariota #R22 RC-
2015 Certified Marcus Mariota #235 Jersey Autograph RC/199199
2015 Crown Royale Marcus Mariota #225 Jersey Autograph/299 RC299
2015 Donruss Marcus Mariota #202 RR RC-
2015 Donruss Signature Series Marcus Mariota #499 Jersey Autograph RC-
2015 Finest Marcus Mariota #20 RC-
2015 Gridiron Kings Marcus Mariota #136 RC-
2015 Immaculate Collection Marcus Mariota #164 Jersey Autograph RC99
2015 Panini Black Gold Marcus Mariota #67 RC199
2015 Panini Clear Vision Marcus Mariota #102A RC/ (Throwing)-
2015 Panini Contenders Marcus Mariota #225A Autograph RC-
2015 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Marcus Mariota #131A Autograph RC SP1/(white Jersey)250
2015 Panini Flawless Marcus Mariota #122 RC20
2015 Panini National Treasures Marcus Mariota #140 Jersey Autograph RC99
2015 Panini Playbook Marcus Mariota #51 Jersey RC199
2015 Panini Prizm Marcus Mariota #264A RC/two hands on ball-
2015 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Marcus Mariota #131 RC-
2015 Panini Spectra Marcus Mariota #117 RC99
2015 Prestige Marcus Mariota #264A RC/(college Jersey)-
2015 Rookies and Stars Marcus Mariota #108 RC-
2015 Rookies and Stars Longevity Marcus Mariota #108 RC-
2015 Score Marcus Mariota #368 RC-
2015 Topps Marcus Mariota #429A RC/throwing; ball over shoulder-
2015 Topps Chrome Marcus Mariota #150A RC/two hands on ball-
2015 Topps Chrome Mini Marcus Mariota #150A RC/two hands on ball-
2015 Topps Definitive Collection Marcus Mariota #DC1 Jersey Autograph RC50
2015 Topps Diamond Autographs Marcus Mariota #MM1 RC10
2015 Topps Field Access Marcus Mariota #90 RC-
2015 Topps Fire Marcus Mariota #10B RC-
2015 Topps Heritage Marcus Mariota #10 RC-
2015 Topps High Tek Marcus Mariota #8 A RC-
2015 Topps Inception Marcus Mariota #RA2 Autograph RC-
2015 Topps Museum Collection Marcus Mariota #50 RC-
2015 Topps Platinum Marcus Mariota #125 RC-
2015 Topps Supreme Marcus Mariota #70 RC-
2015 Topps Triple Threads Marcus Mariota #102 Jersey Autograph RC99
2015 Topps Triple Threads Marcus Mariota #110 Jersey Autograph RC99
2015 Topps Triple Threads Marcus Mariota #155 Jersey Autograph RC99
2015 Topps Valor Marcus Mariota #56 RC

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