Russell Wilson rookie cards are becoming very popular with collectors.  The Seattle Seahawks quarterback has a variety of rookie cards that are worth buying.  The rookie if the year contender has made is mark and has proven himself to the critics that said he is too small to be an NFL QB.

Knowing which Russell Wilson rookie cards to buy can be quite confusing to novice collectors.  Here is a list that that we have compiled of the best Wilson rookie cards worth buying.

2012 Topps Chrome

These are some of the most popular Wilson rookie cards in today’s hobby.  The 2012 Topps Chrome Russell wilson rookie cardWilson rookie cards come in many variations which include autographs, colored refractors, Xfractors and short print variations.  All of these football cards make great investments at their current prices.   For collectors that can afford them, signed and low numbered variations make the best long term investments as they will dry up much faster than some of his more common cards.

Buyer Tips:  Like most Topps Chrome cards, centering can be a major issue with these cards.  Buyers should pay close attention to surface scratches as well and refractor lines which are also very common.

2012 Topps Platinum

The Topps Platinum Russell Wilson rookie cards are selling amazingly well online.  Buyers are buying all the colored variations and refractors that exist of the young superstar.  Topps did a great job with this set and Russell has become one of the hottest cards in the 2012 set.  Buyers can purchase these cards online for around $3.

Buyer Tips:  For those looking at Russell Wilson rookie cards as an investment, buying card lots can be a great way to get these great rookie cards at a cheaper price.  Make sure to pay close attention to the centering of these cards as many tend to be off-centered.

2012 Topps Russell Wilson Rookie

The regular Topps set has always been popular with football card collectors.  This year is no different.  The 2012 Topps Russell Wilson rookie card is very affordable and can be purchased for around $2-$3.  Short Print variations have become some of his most coveted cards this year.  These cards sell for $10-$15 depending on the condition.

Buyer Tips:  Buyers should pay close attention to the corners of these cards as the white borders tend to hide imperfections.  Centering can also be an issue and should be taken into consideration before any purchase is made.

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wilson finest rookie2012 Finest

The 2012 Finest Russell Wilson RC’s are some of his nicest cards produced this year.  Topps did a great job including autographed and individually numbered Wilson rookie cards in this year’s Finest set.   Jersey or patch cards have also been getting a lot of attention from buyers with some low numbered versions selling for over $200.00.

2012 Score

The 2012 Score Russell Wilson rookie cards may also be great investments.  Some of the most popular cards in the set are Glossy variations as well as short print photo variations.  Many of these cards can be purchased at bargain prices online.  Currently Mint or better condition base cards are selling for $3.00.  Not bad for a potential rookie of the year candidate.

Russell has proven that he can not only play in the NFL but excel.  If the Seahawks make the playoffs you can expect many of his rookie cards to double in value.  Wilson has a decent chance of winning this year’s NFL rookie of the year award even though he will be faced with some of the best competition the league has seen in the past 10 years.


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