There are many reasons to have your sports cards or baseball cards graded. It does not matter what sport you collect cards that are graded serve a purpose. Here are the top 3 reasons to have your cards graded.

1. Preservation : When you submit your cards in for grading the card is encased in a specially made plastic case. The case is ultrasonically welded to prevent the holder from being tampered with as well as the grade. This process helps protect your cards from future damage as well has preserving the grade of the card.

2. Value : When a baseball card is graded it is given a grade value which helps determine the condition of the card. This grade does not tell you a value but does give a strict assessment of the condition which in turn gives a much more accurate view of the card. There have been millions of cards produced and even though you might have the same card the grade will help determine its real market value.

3 . Resale : Many people that have there baseball cards graded are looking for a certain grade so they can turn around and sell the card in the market place Whether the market place be ebay or trade show when the card is graded is a lot easier to sell or trade. The third party company grades the cards so dealers due not have to haggle on what the evaluation of cards condition actually is.

All of these reasons can help you with your sports card collection.  It does not matter whether you are grading football cards, baseball cards or any other sport your return on your investment will be well worth it.

One Response to Top 3 Reasons to get your Baseball Cards Graded

  1. shaun mee says:

    I have quite a few cards that I think coukd be worth some good money if I had them graded…My question to you is…how do I go about getting my cards graded. How do I send them, if i send them at all? Who do I talk or write to…Basically how do I get started!

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