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Michael Vick rookie cards have been getting a lot of attention from dealers and collectors since the big announcement last week. Vick will be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles while Kevin Kolb will be backing him up. Many people thought Michael Vick’s career was over and ended up selling many of his rookie cards at discount prices. Since Annie Reid announced that Michael Vick will be the Eagles starting quarterback many of his rookie cards have doubled in value. Michael Vick Rookie CardThey have also become very hard to find at reasonable prices. Now may be the time to purchase a Michael Vick rookie card. His contract is up at the end of this season and if he continues to play like he has in the first three games of the season there will be many teams looking to sign him. Vick has looked great and his speed is far beyond what many scouts thought it would be. Here is a list of the top three Michael Vick rookie cards that you should be buying. The value of these Michael Vick rookie cards will continue to rise as long as collectors feel that he has a future in the NFL.

2001 SP Authentic Michael Vick rookie card

This tremendous rookie card created by Upper Deck includes an autograph of Michael Vick on every card. Each card is individually numbered with only 250 cards in production. If that is not enough each card also has a unique game used patch or jersey that has been worn by Michael Vick while he played for the Atlanta Falcons. This outstanding card can be found on eBay for about $700. If you happen to find one in perfect condition you can expect to pay in upwards of $1500.

2001 Playoff Contenders Michael Vick Autograph rookie card

This is another great football card which was produced by playoff. The rookie tickets have been some of the most collected football cards in the industry. The Michael Vick rookie is extremely rare and each card has been autographed. We believe that these cards have the most upside out of all of the Michael Vick rookie cards on the list. You can find these cards online for about $250.

2001 SPX Michael Vick autographed rookie card

Just like the SP authentic rookie card there were only 250 of these cards ever produced. All of them, autographed with a unique game used jersey embedded in the card. You can find these cards in mint condition for about $200. These cards are great investments and very affordable if Michael Vick continues to play at the level that he has at the start of the season.

The value of Michael Vick rookie cards truly depend on how he plays. If Vick continues to excel all of his football cards will be worth a lot more than they were last season. Some of Michael Vick’s best rookie cards have already doubled in value. This dramatic increase is due to this potential and the success of the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick is making the best of his second chance in the NFL. We believe that Michael Vick rookie cards should be on top of everyone’s hot list.

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