Lebron Jame’s career is unprecedented. He was one of the top basketball players ever to wear a uniform. He led the Cavaliers to some of there best seasons.  His Basketball Cards have collector’s trying to find some of the best graded Lebron James Rookie Cards. His memorabilia has also picked up over the past few years with investors spending amazing amounts of money on game used items.

Lebron James Rookie Cards are great investments.  The question is what are the best and most affordable Lebron James Rookie Cards on the market and were are the best places to find them.  Below you will find results of some of Lebron James best Cavaliers cards to date and auctions that are currently on ebay at affordable prices.  You can use these auctions as a guide to also help you determine what the current value of these cards are.  The list is divided into Rookie Cards, Game Used Jersey Memorabilia and professionally graded Lebron James Cavaliers cards.

Here are is a list of some of the best Lebron James rookie cards to date and current pricing and values. Some of these cards are his most expensive cards and other are some of his highly traded basketball cards.

2003 Topps Chrome Lebron James Rookie Card – this is one of the more popular Lebron James RC’s to date.  There were a few different variations to these cards like refractors that were randomly inserted into packs.  The regular issued cards sell for about $35-$40 ungraded.  The refractors sell for $60-$65 ungraded.  Grade versions of these cards in Gem MT 10 condition have been selling for over $300.00

2003 Bowman Lebron James Rookie– This is another great affordable option for any Lebron James card collector.  These basketball cards are on ebay for less that $15 ungraded.  Be careful of the condition before you make a purchase as many have bad corners due to the black borders that exist.

2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Autographed rookie card–  Their are a few variations to these rookie cards but the best one’s are autographed by Lebron and also have a unique piece of a game used jersey that James wore during an NBA game.  These memorabilia rookie cards are numbered to only 99 cards in production Expect to pay $7000 or more for one of these gems.  This is no doubt the most expensive Lebron James rookie card and will probably be the most valuable card in the future.

Top 10 Lebron James Rookie Cards