Peyton Manning rookie cards are definitely  worth grading. Here is are some of the best and most valuable Peyton Manning rookie cards highlighting which ones  might be worth the most money in the future. We will discuss which ones might have the highest percentage change in value in the most recent future.

1. 1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning Rookie Card : this is definitely Peyton Manning’s best football rookie card. These cards were individually numbered with only 2000 of each card being produced. This card is also very hard to find in good condition. The only drawback to this Peyton Manning rookie card is that it is very overpriced.

2. 1998 Topps Chrome Peyton Manning Rookie Card : this is definitely one of Peyton Manning’s nicest football card’s. This this card sells anywhere from $45-$65. This card has a lot of upside and is a great pickup if you’re looking to make some money.

3. 1998 Bowman Chrome : the Bowman chrome version of Peyton Manning’s rookie card is also a very undervalued card. If Peyton Manning makes another run at a Super Bowl you will see these rookie cards sell for excess of $200. you can pick one of these up for under $50.

4. 1998 Upper Deck : this is Peyton Manning’s most undervalued card in my opinion. If you can pick this card up in good condition in the $30-$35 range you will be very happy one-day. This card has foiled corners which makes it very hard to find in good condition. Many people don’t pay attention to these details but all you have to do is look at how much a Derek Jeter SP rookie is worth.

5. 1998 Collector’s Edge Peyton Manning RC: collector’s edge made a lot of these cards and they are very plentiful in the card market. So for the long term this card will never be worth a lot of money. With that being said is a good car to pick up if you can buy at for the right price. If you can buy this card for anything under five dollars its a steal. Even though this card is not scarce it will sell for good money if Peyton Manning continues to play the way he does. Many people cannot afford some of the higher-end Peyton Manning rookie cards so they will jump to this version.

Please make sure when you’re buying a Manning rookie you review the condition and make sure that the card is priced correctly. Don’t overpay for a Peyton Manning rookie when you can find one on eBay at a reasonable price. Now is a good time to purchase Peyton Manning rookie cards because of the off-season. Once the season starts up the cards normally will go up 15 to 20%.

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  3. mr.rondan says:

    I have a 2004 peyton manning fleer football card no.45card.i would like to know if its worth anything.thank u.

  4. mr.rondan says:

    is this card worth anything

  5. Randall Hart says:

    I have a 1998 Skybox Thunder #239 Peyton Manning GEM MT 10 Rookie Card. Is it worth anything yet? Thanks//////

  6. Alan Karpuch says:

    Yes, its a great card, but to know the cards real value you are going to need to find out the condition the card is in.

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