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There are so many different Peyton Manning football cards out there that it is very hard for collectors to determine which cards are worth buying and what they are worth.  This is mainly due to the fact that companies like Topps and Upper Deck over produce elite NFL players to help them sell more and more cards or packs of cards.  In some instances there have been up to 50 Peyton Manning cards produced in one set of Topps.  Card manufacturers try to add as many of his cards in a set and do so by making various insert cards, game jersey cards, or even throwback cards Peyton Manning Football Cardsthat collectors might purchase.  This can be quite confusing to new collectors who are looking to invest in Peyton Manning Football Cards.  We will do our best to help you decide which cards are worth buying and explain the differences that can affect the value of Manning cards in the long term.

Rookie Peyton Manning Football Cards

Peyton Manning rookie cards are the most coveted by Manning collectors.  There are many Peyton Manning rookie cards to choose from as more than 45 different variations were produced in 1998.  These variations can be quite useful as they give collectors a nice range of choices when it comes to design, pricing and investments potential.  Some of the best RC cards have been signed by Manning and are also individually numbered.  Collectors can buy a Topps Manning rookie card for around $10 or invest in a much scarcer version of the card like the Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket which can cost over $2,000 depending on the condition it is in.  The scarcer the card is the more it sells for.  In most cases collectors have many options to choose from which in the end depends on how much money they would like to spend.

Gamed Used Peyton Manning Cards

Game used jersey cards or memorabilia cards are also some of the most valuable Peyton Manning cards to collect.  Many of these cards have been individually numbered.  In most cases the lower the print run, the more the card sells for.  One of the key things to understand before buying one of these games used Peyton Manning cards is that hundred if not thousands of variations exist.  Because the supply is so high, caution must be used before spending hundreds of dollars on one of these unique items.  These cards do make great collectibles but the future value is not quite as stable as his rookie card.

Peyton Manning Autographed Cards

Autographed Peyton Manning cards are very popular with collectors.  These cards can make great investments for many reasons.  In most cases these cards are not easy to find due to the amount of money that card manufacturers have to pay for each individual autograph.  Manning charges a fixed amount and agrees to sign a certain quantity of cards under contract.  Players like Manning command $50-$75 per autograph.  These fees limit the amount of autographs that are inserted into packs.  Autographed Peyton Manning rookie cards are some of his most popular cards and also some of his most valuable.  These cards give collectors the best of two worlds, a rookie card and a unique signed item of a future Hall of Famer.

Buying and Selling Manning Cards

Some of the best places to buy and sell Peyton Manning cards are online.  Auctions sites like Ebay offer collectors a nice variety of cards to choose from.  This is quite helpful because Ebay acts like a virtual cards store.  With a little research almost any Peyton Manning football card can be purchased with the click of a mouse. has also become a great place to purchase Manning cards.  Dealers have Amazon stores which can be helpful for people who do not want to wait the duration of what an auction might take.  Both of these sites offer great options for collectors.  Card shows and sports card shops are also great options that collectors can examine.

Peyton Manning has become one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.  His football cards are some of the most valuable in the industry.  As the demand of these cards increase with is popularity prices will continue to rise.  Pay close attention to the condition of any Peyton Manning football card before you make a purchase as it will have a great affect on what it sells for in the future.  Condition, in most cases, is the deciding factor of what a particular card is worth.

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