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Kris Bryant rookie cards are on fire!  The Cubs young slugger has proven himself to be one of the premier home run hitters in the Major Leagues.  This year Bryant smashed 26 home runs and drove in 99.  He also showed his speed by stealing 13 bases.  He finished the season with a very respectable .275 batting average.  He, and some his young teammates, helped the Chicago Cubs get to the National League Championship game.  Even though the Cubs couldn’t overcome the Mets, Bryant still showed off his outstanding power.

Kris Bryant reminds those in the game of some of the greatest power hitters of all-time, comparable to Mark McGwire and Ken Griffey Jr.  He just has an amazing presence and a pure powerful swing.  He is an imposing figure to opposing pitchers and generates powerful swing with seemingly little effort.

People forget that Kris is only 24 years old and is just getting started.  These are just a few reasons why collectors can’t seem to get enough of his cards.  There is no better time than now to start buying them.  So what are the best Kris Bryant rookie cards to buy?  Which cards should I stay away from?  Below you can find some answers to help you decide.

Top 10 Kris Bryant Rookie Cards

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant RC Autograph

This incredible card was actually released in 2014 in packs of Bowman Inception Baseball.  It is signed by Kris and normally easy to find in top condition.  Centering and surface scratches are the most common flaws with these great cards.  Currently these cards are selling for around $400. Variations of these cards include colored refractors like green, orange and blue, all of which are individually numbered.

2012 Kris Bryant Bowman chrome autograph rookie

2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Kris Bryant Rookie #25

Another great card issued by Topps in 2014.  The card is a fan favorite and sells for a reasonable price at around $10 ungraded.  Gem mint 10 versions sell for around $60-$70.  Buyers should pay attention to poor centering and surface scratches before making a purchase.

2014 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant Autograph RC

2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Rookie Card #CTP62

This card is much like the Chrome prospect rookie and sells for about the same price.  Both are affordable cars, and should be considered as great investments as long as Bryant continues to play well. Parallel refractors are very popular with collectors.

8.4 Reviewer
-Affordable Card
-Grades Well
-Surface Issues
-Poor Centering

2014 Bowman Draft #TP62 Kris Bryant

This is one of the most affordable Kris Bryant rookie cards on our list.  White borders, help these cards grade very well.  These cards are not rare, but still decent investments, selling for only $3-$4.

2014 Bowman Draft Kris Bryant Rookie

2015 Topps Kris Bryant RC #616

Topps cards have always been fan favorites and the new fresh design of 2015 will only help the value of these Bryant cards.  They grade well and are normally found to be cell centered.  They are reasonably priced, selling for around $3-$4.

2015 Topps Kris Bryant Rookie

2015 Topps Chrome Kris Bryant #616

Kris Bryant 2015 Topps Chrome is definitely one of his nicest rookie cards ever produced.  The cards have a sharp, clean look like the 2015 Topps base card, but the chrome finish makes the photo pop.  Collectors can get their hands on these cards for around $6-$10 depending on condition.

Variations of these cards include autographs, refractors, prism refractors, numbered colored refractors and a short printed photo variation.

2015 Topps Chrome Kris Bryant Rookie Graded

2014 Bowman Platinum Kris Bryant Rookie Card#BPP40

These are sharp looking cards that have a nice foil finish.  The only problem is these cards normally don’t grade as well as the other Bryant cards we mentioned about.  Buyers need to pay close attention to the back of these cards as some of the most common condition issues show up there. These issues include flaking edges and nicked corners.

Refractor parallels normally grade much better because these are not made of the same foil card stock as the base card.  Buyers may want to buy one of these instead of the base card for these reasons.

2014 Bowman Platinum Kris Bryant Rookie

2013 Bowman Sterling Prospects Kris Bryant #BSP11

This is one Bryant rookie card that seems to be going un-noticed. These rookies are one of his first produced and have a solid futuristic look.  The metallic, borderless cards grade very well and sell for around $10.  Colored refractor parallels fetch big money selling for over $300 in some cases.

2013 Bowman Sterling Kris Bryant rookie cards

2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition Kris Bryant RC

Even though these Kris Bryant rookie cards are some of his first they don’t seem to have the fan backing as some of the Topps versions.  Panini did a smart thing including Kris in the 2013 set and were even smarter, including some beautiful variations of his cards.  Some of the cards include die-cuts, numbered inserts, and autographs.  Some of the autographs sell for $350-$400.

2013 Elite Kris Bryant RC

2009 Bowman Draft Aflac Autograph Kris Bryant Rookie (Only 235 Exist)

We may have left Kris Bryant’s best rookie card for last.  This card is incredibly rare and may be his most valuable of all.  This card sell for over $1500 graded in gem mint 10 condition and you won’t find too many of these selling online.  This is not a Kris Bryant rookie for those who are on a tight budget, but for those who have the money to spend, this may be the card you have been looking for.  These cards are not the prettiest, but the on-card autograph makes them one of his most precious cards.

2013 Aflac Kris Bryant Auto.

Kris is surrounded by some of the most amazing, young talents in all of the majors.  Teammates like Kyle Schwarber, Jake Arrieta, Addison Russell, and Javier Baez.  If Bryant continues to hit like he has, you can expect his cards to sell for big money like those of Mike Trout. Collectors should take notice now before these cards skyrocket in price.

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