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Kevin Durant rookie cards are becoming some of the most popular cards in the hobby. Durant put up some amazing numbers this year for the Thunder averaging 28.2 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. He is still looking for his first NBA title. His teammate, Russell Westbrook, believes this maybe the year. Durant will have to get past the reigning MVP, Stephen Curry, if he wants to get to the NBA Finals.

While most NBA players are compared to Lebron James or Michael Jordan, Durant is much more like Tim Duncan or the Dirk Nowitzki.  He can shoot from any location on the court with pin point accuracy, but is also very effective posting up in the paint.

There is a wide range of Kevin Durant rookie cards to choose from. Some his best rookie cards sell for more than $10,000 while others are still reasonably priced at around $5-$10. So what are the best Kevin Durant rookie cards to buy? That really depends on someone’s budget. The good thing is there is a wide variety of cards for every budget. Below is a Kevin Durant’s top rookie cards.

Graded vs Ungraded Durant Rookies

Graded Kevin Durant basketball cards typically sell for more money of they are in Mint or better condition.  Having them graded is a very easy, affordable, process.  You can download the forms below.

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How to Find Out What Your Kevin Durant Rookies are Worth

GMA Grading offers a free basketball card price guide where buyers and sellers can quickly find out what their Kevin Durant cards are selling for online.  All you have to do is  click on the link below and you go directly to the page.  Use the search bar to type in the Durant rookie that you would like to find the value of.

Free Online Price Guide

Kevin Durant Limited Edition Art Card

Kevin Durant Basketball Card Art

Only 49 Made!
Each Card is individually Numbered
Each Card is Hand Signed by the Artist

Kevin Durant Rookie Cards Checklist

CardCard No. / TypePrint Run
2007 Artifacts Kevin Durant#102 Rookie699
2007 Bowman Kevin Durant#111 Rookie2999
2007 Bowman Chrome Kevin Durant#111 Rookie2999
2007 Bowman Elevation Kevin Durant#71 Rookie999
2007 Bowman Sterling Kevin Durant#KD Rookie-
2007 Chronology Kevin Durant#215 Autograph Rookie99
2007 Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant#94 Jersey Autograph99
2007 Finest Kevin Durant#71 Rookie-
2007 Fleer Kevin Durant#212 Rookie-
2007 Fleer Hot Prospects Kevin Durant#123 Jersey Autograph Rookie399
2007 SP Autographthentic Kevin Durant#152 Jersey Autograph299
2007 SP Autographthentic Retail Kevin Durant#152 Rookie-
2007 SP Game Used Kevin Durant#142 Rookie999
2007 SP Rookie Edition Kevin Durant#61 Rookie-
2007 SP Rookie Threads Kevin Durant#49 Jersey Autograph Rookie199
2007 SPx Kevin Durant#101 Jersey Autograph Rookie299
2007 Stadium Club Kevin Durant#102 Rookie1999
2007 Sweet Shot Kevin Durant#101 Autograph Rookie299
2007 Topps Kevin Durant#112 Rookie-
2007 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant#131 Rookie-
2007 Topps Co-Signers Kevin Durant#88 Rookie499
2007 Topps Echelon Kevin Durant#74 Rookie999
2007 Topps Letterman Kevin Durant#56 Rookie599
2007 Topps Luxury Box Kevin Durant#75 Rookie669
2007 Topps Trademark Moves Kevin Durant#61 Rookie1999
2007 Topps Triple Threads Kevin Durant#135 Rookie99
2007 UD Black Kevin Durant#106 Jersey Autograph Rookie99
2007 Ultimate Collection Kevin Durant#115 Autograph150
2007 Ultra SE Kevin Durant#232 L13 Rookie-
2007 Ultra SE Retail Parallel Kevin Durant#232 L13 Rookie-
2007 Upper Deck Kevin Durant#234 SP Rookie-
2007 Upper Deck First Edition Kevin Durant#202 Rookie-
2007 Upper Deck Premier Kevin Durant#101 Jersey Autograph Rookie

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