Joe Montana autographs have been great collectibles for decades.  The 49ers quarterback is one of the most popular players to ever play the game.  His popularity has created a huge demand for his autographed memorabilia.  Montana autographs are not very easy to find.  joe-montana-autographMost of his autographs being sold online are fake or have been signed by an autopen machine.  In many cases collectors would send fan mail hoping to receive an autograph from Montana.  What they received back was a signed card or photo which was done by a computerized machine that generates a replica of Joe Montana’s autograph.  This makes a real Joe Montana signed item a real collector’s item and something that is not easily found.

Types of Montana Autographs

Some of the best Joe Montana signed items make remarkable collectibles.  Buying Joe Montana autographed football cards are a great way to own a unique item from the Hall of Fame quarterback.  The San Francisco 49ers QB has many autographs that are very valuable.  A few of Montana’s hottest items are listed below.

  • Joe Montana Autographed Football Helmet
  • Joe Montana Football
  • Joe Montana Signed Football Card

Obtaining Joe Montana Signatures

Getting your hands on Joe Montana signatures is usually very hard.  Buyers can check internet websites similar to and Ebay to research items that they are hunting for.  Private signings or sports card shows are some other wonderful places to look for Joe Montana autograph.  A number of the hottest Joe Montana autograph items are counterfeit. Because counterfeit items are quite common real autographs sell for a premium.

Determining the Value

Most people would like to find out what there Joe Montana autograph is worth.  In most cases there is an easy way to determine this information.  The value of his autographed items can only be determined after authentication of the signature has taken place. At card shows Joe normally charges $150 per flat item and $200 for items that are not flat.

Spotting Fake Joe Montana Autographs

There are thousands of fake Joe Montana signed items being bought every day.  Buyers must careful what they are buying or they can lose a lot of money.  Collectors should try to purchase only autographed Joe Montana items that have been professionally authenticated by a third part grading service. This will limit the risk of what is being purchased.


One Response to Joe Montana Autograph Value

  1. James Pogue says:

    I have a rookie card of Joe Montana that was unofficially graded by a former Beckett employee as a possible pristine 10 a few years back. It has remained in it’s protective case except for one night when I had dinner with Joe as he was speaking in Nashville. He was kind enough to autograph it for me and I have kept it in the protective case since. Several Lawyer and Doctor friends who are ND alumni have offered me between $10,000-20,000 for the card but my patient who sells hard to find menorabilia says I should get it graded first and consider an auction since he is unaware of any 10 rated card that has ever been opened for an immediate verifiable autograph like this from Joe. How would I go about getting it graded/authenticated etc. I know the autograph is real because I watched him sign it, but not certain that it is truly a pristine 10 and if it was, not sure if Joe touching it to autograph it would have decreased it from a pristine 10?

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