Filling out the submission form is going to be the first thing that you need to do.  You can download the forms here.  The short form or first link on the page is for smaller orders.  Each order that is submitted has to contain this form.  The second form can be downloaded for additional cards but must be submitted along with the short form as it does not contain the address information on top of the form.  So for example you are submitting 10 cards just print the short form.  If you are submitting 100 cards print 1 short form and 4 large forms and staple them together.  The final option of forms is the manual form.  This is for those customers that don’t like to write and would rather type out the information and then print it out.  It is a copy of the short form just with blocks that can be used to type the necessary information into.

Short Submission Form

Long Submission Form

Type in Manually Form

Right Click on the mouse on the form to print the submission form to your printer

 * If you do not own a printer or have access to one, please fill the information out on a sheet of paper. 

Filling out Submission Form

Filling out the submission form is easy once you understand how it is setup.  There are three sections to the form.

Top Section

Section 1– The top of the form were we need the customer information like customer name, ship to address, phone number and email address.  This helps GMA know where to ship the cards back to and a phone number to call in case of any issues with your order.


Middle Section

Section 2 – This is the middle of the form and contains card information.

Qty– Quantity of a specific card

Card Company– The brand of the card (example Topps, Topps Chrome, Upper Deck, Score, Panini)

Year– The year the card was produced, normally found on the back of the card

Player Name– Players first and last name

Variety– The variety consists of items like autographed, refractor, rookie card, or error cards.  Include any variations that may exist.

*If you are new to the grading process and you do not know what to put into the fields leave them blank.  We know what to do and only use this as a guide for checking cards in when they arrive.  


Bottom Section

Section 3– The bottom section is where the fees are calculated.  All regular issued cards cost $2.50 per card to grade. Jersey cards are $4.00 per card while autograph cards cost $10.00 per card to grade as the autographs must be graded and authenticated along with the card and sometimes and sometimes.   Autographed cards from packs are only $2.50 per card.

Next day service is $20 per card.

If you are submitting 100 cards or more there is a price discount that you only get charged $2.00 per card.

First place a checkbox in the service that you prefer.  Most people choose the 5 days service as it is the most affordable. If you prefer the next day service and are willing to pay the $20 fee please select this appropriate box.

Grading Fee Calculation

Count the amount of cards that you are submitting and place the amount in the first box that says #cards.  Then in the second box place the fee that you are paying per card.  Either $2.50 or $2.00 depending on the quantity of cards you are sending.  Then multiply the two numbers together to get a total.

Shipping Fees

Once you have filled in the squares the final step is to calculate the shipping fees.  Shipping costs are listed based on the service that you choose Next Day, 2ND Day air, or UPS ground.  We recommend that ground service as it is very efficient and more cost effective for our customers.  Look at the quantity of cards that you are submitting to calculate the appropriate fees.

Payment Information

Also on the bottom section is the payment information.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  We also accept checks and money orders.  If you want to pay by PayPal please include your PayPal address and when the cards arrive we can email you an invoice.

If you are paying by credit card, please place all the needed information below, including card number, expiration date and security code and then sign below.

Packing and Protecting Cards for Shipping

Packing your cards properly is very important.  At GMA Grading we recommend that you send your cards in top loaders or cards savers.  These have been proven to protect your cards while they are in transit.  Once the cards are placed in the holders, place them together and gently tape the holders together.  This should create a nice brick of holders.  Then place the cards or holders in a box with the submission form.  Pack the box with bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper to help protect the cards from moving in transit.  This cushion will also help the cards from being damaged if boxes are dropped while being shipped.  Seal the box shut and send the cards in for grading.

Card Sizes that We Grade

Card companies have gotten very creative over the years when it comes to card sizes.  GMA can encapsulate 99% of the cards that are produced, but the figure at the bottom will give more detail on the sizes that we do and do not grade.  IF you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone.


If you have any questions please contact us