If you collect basketball cards here you can find the the hottest current basketball rookie cards including their current values.  Here is a breadown of Hot basketball rookie cards in the hobby.  We will be updating our Hot basketball card list every week to keep our readers informed on current trends in the hobby. Each player contains a list of his best rookie cards and what to look for before you make a purchase.

Current Top 10 Basketball Rookie Cards

Here is a list of some of the Hot basketball cards of past players including up to date pricing and information on some of their best cards to buy.

Hot Basketball Cards of Past Players

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  1. […] Dwyane Wade Upper Deck SPX Rookie Card-  Much like the Exquisite rookie cards all of these basketball cards have been personally hand signed by Wade and include a unique piece of a game used jersey.  These […]

  2. Which Are The Hottest Basketball Cards Of All Times? | Basketball Card Worth says:

    […] first in the list of top basketball cards has to be the 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan basketball rookie card. All of the cards of Jordan are […]

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