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GMA Grading is the only company to offer the grade your own service to the public. This offer has come with much scrutiny, but hopefully, this will be explained in detail in the posted information.
We offer two options for the person who wants to own their own sports card grading business. This does not mean that if you want to submit 100 cards and give them all “10’s” that you will be allowed to do so. What it does mean is that if you believe you have the knowledge and have the experience in grading, this can be a great money making opportunity for you. We will show you how and will walk you through each step of the process. We will help you with label selection, corporate branding, and the marketing of your new business. Depending on which of the two options we have to offer, you could be up and running in as little as three days. Sounds expensive? No, not at all. The only money outlay you will have is the original product cost and processing. Translated means you will only pay for the inventory that you purchase. There no unnecessary fees or hidden costs. Please look at the two options we have to offer and feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Option #1 :

This has been the option of choice for many of our current customers that have decided to open their own business. They have chosen this option for a couple of reasons. Here is how it works:

1. You grade the cards and then send them to us to do the rest.

2. You play a flat fee.

3. We receive the cards and then add your company logo, create the proper label with player name, manufacturer, and card details. Once this process is finished the cards are than encapsulated.

4. After the encapsulation process, the holders are welded shut. The cards are shipped back to you. This process takes 5 business days.

The benefits of this option are simple.

1. No initial money outlay except first order fee.

2. Cards are shipped back within 5 business days from the day we receive them.

3. Card labels are branded with your company information so you can take submissions from your own customers or have your own cards graded for resale.

4. You are responsible for the grading and we do the rest. This process is extremely simple and we even have in house designers who can help you with the logo.

The fee for this option is $1.65 per card plus the proper shipping charges. There is a minimum order of 500 for the initial order and than a 200 minimum after that. If you have any other questions please contact us.

Option #2

Our second option we offer is that you purchase the holders from us and blank labels. You do all the work. Your minimum order is 500 holders per order. This option gives you ultimate control of your own business. Once the holders are purchased, they are shipped out the next day and everything else is left up to you.

Note:** for this option you will need to purchase an Ultrasonic welder to seal the holders, a horn that fits our parts and an air compressor for the welder. The outlay can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 depending on which machine is purchased. We do not sell the machines, but if you choose this option we can give you all the details of who does sell these units.

This is the more expensive option, but if you would like to do on sight grading, this option is available.

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