If you have ever wanted to start your own sports card grading business and are qualified to do so, now you have the opportunity to do so.  GMA Grading offers a “Custom Grading Service” for those who have card grading experience.  This service is not for everyone, but has some great benefits for those who want to start their own grading business.   The process is quite simple and takes little to no effort to get started.  GMA offers 2 options to help you get started.   Here is a quick breakdown of our options and what you will need to get started.

Option 1

You submit your cards to GMA Grading and we do the work for you.  You grade your own cards and we create a logo for your company for your label.  We do all the labeling for you in house with your grades and your information on the label.  This can include serial numbers, a website, card details and grade.  Because the company is yours, you will decide the grading scale that you prefer.  To get started you will need to take the following steps.

  1. Decide on a company name or logo design. (We can help you design a logo free of charge!)
  2. Once you have decided email or call us and we can email you a form to fill out for grading details.
  3. Fill out the Excel file and send in your cards.
  4. Minimum initial order is 500 cards. Each additional order after that has a 100 card minimum.
  5. Pricing is $2.00 per card plus the return shipping fees.  Jersey cards are $3.00 plus the return shipping fees.
  6. Orders are normally processed within 5 business days from the day they are received.

Option 2

The second option we offer for the grade your own service is that you buy the holders and labels directly from us.  We sell you the holders and you do the rest.  You will need the proper equipment to seal the holders.  For this option you will need a few things.  Here is a list.

  • An Ultrasonic welder
  • A proper air compressor that will work with the welder of your choosing.
  • A flat horn that measures 3.5 inches by 6 inches.

Once you have obtained the equipment needed GMA Grading can supply you with the holders for encapsulation.  Pricing is $1.00 per holder plus shipping.  Jersey card, or thicker holders are $2.50 each plus shipping.  Minimum order is 500 holders.  Most orders are processed within 3 days from the day payment is received.

With both of these options you are fully responsible for the cards that are graded.  GMA Grading will only label and encapsulate the cards based on your grades.  Please make sure that you grade accurately and know how to tell real cards from counterfeits.  GMA Grading will not be held responsible for any wrong doing.

If you have any questions please feel free to call.  (813)926-6263 or email us at sales@gmagrading.com