Colin Kaepernick rookie cards are currently some of the hottest cards in the hobby.  The 49ers quarterback has played incredibly well since taking over the starting roll from Alex Smith.  Colin has shown that he can move the 49ers offense down the field through the air with his cannon like arm or on the ground running the option with All-Pro running back Frank Gore.  Kaepernick had his coming out party this week leading the 49ers to an amazing victory over the Green Bay Packers.  Colin trounced the Packers defense by rushing for an

Colin-KaepernickNFL record 181 yards while throwing for 263 yards.  If that was not enough Colin added 2 rushing touchdowns and threw for two more.

While Kaepernick showed the world he can be a playoff quarterback collectors were online buying up many of his most valuable rookie cards.  Colin’s rookie cards sold for more than double of what they were bringing before the game as many football analysts predicted a Packer victory.  Because of the extreme demand Colin Kaepernick football cards are getting harder and harder to find at affordable prices.  Collectors as well as investors are doing everything they can to get their hands on the new 49ers rookie phenom.

To help collectors, GMA Grading has compiled a detailed list of the best Colin Kaepernick rookie cards in the hobby.  We have also added some detailed information on what condition issues that buyers should pay close attention to before making a purchase.


Top Colin Kaepernick Rookie Football Cards

2011 Prestige #220

2011 Score #320

2011 Topps #413

2011 Topps Legends #162

2011 Topps Platinum #59

2011 Topps Prime Retail #47

2011 Topps Rising Rookies #128

2011 Bowman Sterling #BSRCK Jersey

2011 Donruss Elite #120 #/999

2011 Topps Chrome #25

2011 Topps Finest #52

2011 Topps Prime #47 #/930

2011 Topps Supreme #73 #/429

2011 Absolute Memorabilia #232 Autographed Jersey #/299

2011 Panini Certified #282 Autographed Jersey #/499

2011 Panini Crown Royale #202 Autographed Jersey #/299

2011 Panini Gold Standard #262 Autographed Jersey #/525

2011 Panini Gridiron Gear #R27 Autographed Jersey #/205

2011 Panini Limited #212 Autographed Jersey #/299

2011 Panini Plates and Patches #212 Autographed Jersey #/499

2011 Panini Playbook #110 Autographed Jersey #/399

2011 Panini Prime Signatures #235 Autograph #/249

2011 Panini Timeless Treasures #148 Autograph #/165

2011 Panini Totally Certified #210 Autographed Jersey #/399

2011 Playoff Contenders #227 Autograph

2011 Playoff National Treasures #327 Autographed Patch #/99

2011 Rookies and Stars #260 Autograph #/299

2011 Topps Five Star #181 Autographed Patch #/65

2011 Topps Inception #126 Autograph #/500

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