Basketball Cards

Basketball cards have always been popular collectibles. Players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird dominated the 80’s and 90’s. Those players laid the foundation for the new superstars of the NBA. Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are dominating the NBA and helping create a new market for collectors as well as investors. Basketball has become an international game, which has increased the demand for basketball cards.

Hot Basketball Cards

Knowing who to buy is a key question that most collectors want the answers to. GMA Grading has compiled a list of the hottest basketball players in today’s hobby. The list includes which cards to buy and their current values. This is a great resource for any collector.

Grading Your Basketball Cards

The hobby has changed a lot over the years and grading has probably been the biggest of those changes. Having your basketball cards graded may help you realize a nice return on your cards when it comes time to sell. It is also the best way to protect your cards for the years to come. GMA Grading charges only $2.50 per card and has the order finished within 5 days of arrival. If you have some basketball cards, you would like to have graded please download a submission form or give us a call.