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Baseball card grading has become an essential part of the sports card industry. If you’re baseball cards have not been graded then you’ll never be able to realize the value that they might be worth. Having your baseball cards graded by GMA grading is very easy and very affordable. To have your baseball card professionally […]

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For the fans of the great Nolan Ryan, his baseball card is one precious commodity that is worth searching and paying good money for.  As with all fanatics of the game of baseball, card collecting has also become not only a hobby but an obsession.

In finding the value of Nolan Ryan baseball cards, or […]

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GMA Grading is the only company to offer the grade your own service to the public. This offer has come with much scrutiny, but hopefully, this will be explained in detail in the posted information.
We offer two options for the person who wants to own their own sports card grading business. This […]

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GMA Grading has many benefits over PSA and Beckett (BGS). We will show you how to take advantage of our pricing structures and amazing turnaround times.


GMA Grading: $2.00 per Card 5 day Turnaround Time

PSA: $35.00 per Card 5 day Turnaround Time

BGS: $20.00 per Card 5 Day Turnaround Time

We […]

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Our second option that we offer is you purchase the holders from us and blank labels. You do all the work. Your minimum order is 500 holders per order. This option gives you ultimate control of your own business. Once the holder are purchased they are shipped out the next day and everything else is […]

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This has been the option of choice for many of our current customers that have decided to open their own business. They have chosen this option for one of a couple of reasons. Here is how it works.

1. You grade the cards and then send them to us to do the rest.

2. You […]

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