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Carlos Correa rookie cards are on fire. The Houston Astros thrilling young shortstop is off to an early start since the Astros brought him up early this month. He has already hit 3 Home runs and stolen 3 bases in only 98 plate appearances. Correa has also shown he can make contact and drive in runs posting a .276 batting average, while driving in 12. The Astros also have seen some glimpses of greatness with Correa at shortstop. Correa and Jose Altuve will be the Astros future 1-2 punch in the lineup and down the middle. Speculators believe that Carlos has the ability to be the next Cal Ripken Jr. or Derek Jeter.  Many collectors don’t know that this outstanding young prodigy is only 20 years old.

Carlos Correa’s best rookies are still affordable. Buyers should not expect these cards to stay this way though, as investors are taking notice. Many didn’t believe the Astros would bring Correa up this year. They are currently in first place and they figured his bat may help them make a run at the Pennant. Carlos Correa autograph cards are also becoming popular. These cards, as well as some of his scarcer numbered rookie cards should be on every investor’s radar.

Top Carlos Correa Rookie Cards

2013 Bowman Chrome

Carlos Correa Rookie Card Graded

Carlos Correa Rookie GMA GradedCorrea Rookie Cards

This is one of Carlo’s best and most affordable rookie cards. Currently these cards are selling for around $3.00 online ungraded. Gem Mint 10 versions have been selling for $25-$30. These chrome cards grade well, although centering maybe an issue.

Popular variations include colored and numbered refractors. Autographed Carlos Correa rookie cards were also randomly inserted into packs. Topps was smart to include him in their 2013 set.

 2013 Bowman  Carlos Correa RC Cards

The base cards have been selling for around $2.00. These white bordered cards are great to have graded. Buyers should pay close attention to corners and centering of these cards. Because these cards have thinner card stock, corners can get damaged if not handled properly.

2013 Bowman Platinum 

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards ToppsThese Carlos Correa rookie cards are well designed. The Bowman Platinum set has many variations. Colored refractors, Xfractors, and on-card autographs sell for premium prices. Currently the base card sells for $3.00 while refractors sell for about $6-$8 ungraded. The base cards are extremely hard to find in gem mint 10 condition due to thin card stock used during production.

2013 Carlos Correa Bowman’s Best Rookie

These chrome cards have no borders and a clean shiny finish. They are currently selling for $5 ungraded. They normally grade well, but surface scratches are common, so handle them with care.

2013 Bowman Sterling Autograph Rookie

These cards were well designed and grade reasonably well. Currently these rookie cards are fetching $50 or more ungraded. Gem mint 10 versions have sold for over $150. The on-card signature makes these cards some of the most valuable and most popular Carlos Correa rookie cards. Buyers should pay close attention to the surface of these cards as scratches are quite common. This can affect their value dramatically. Colored variations including gold refractors numbered to only 50 do exist and sell for big money.

2014 Bowman Inception Carlos Correa Autograph Rookie

These cards are hot even though some don’t consider them to be rookie cards. These cards are much scarcer than some of the other cards mentioned above. Autographed variations are selling for $25. Carlos Correa autographed jersey cards are selling for around $50. Colored variations do exist and are limited. Expect to pay $100 or more for these unique baseball cards.  These cards do have condition flaws that buyers should be aware of. Corners and edges tend to flake do to sub-par card stock.

Carlos Correa rookie cards are hot and will stay hot as long as he keeps producing. He has a chance to be one of the best young players the major leagues had seen in a long time. Carlos Correa rookie cards have been overshadowed by Kris Bryant rookie cards, but we don’t expect that to last for long. Even though we believe Kris Bryant is also a future All-Star, Correa’s cards should be selling for more than they have been. This makes them great investments. Carlos also has another thing going for him. He is surrounded and will be surrounded with some amazing young talent in Houston. Players like George Spring, Mark Appel and Jose Altuve will only help Carlos put up better numbers. We expect to see a lot more from the Astros young shortstop.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Selling on Ebay

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