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Bryce Harper rookie cards have become very popular with collectors.  Card shops have seen a dramatic increase in sales on Bryce Harper cards in 2010.  Harper has been getting a lot of publicity from ESPN and even HBO.  His age has added even further hype to the potential of this budding young superstar.  Card companies like Upper Deck and Topps have been the first to try to capitalize on his amazing popularity.  Even though Harper has not played in a professional regular season game, he already has over 50 different rookie cards.  This is amazing when you consider bryce-harper-rookie-cardhow young Harper really is.   The Washington Nationals drafted Bryce Harper 1st in last year’s draft.  They believe he will be a vital part of their future.  All of these determining factors have made a large impression on collectors.  Some of the most popular Bryce Harper rookies  have sold for more than $1,000.

Bryce Harper Rookie Card Autographs

Some of the most valuable Bryce Harper rookies have been his signed cards.  Both Topps and Upper Deck have included Bryce Harper signed baseball cards in their recent sets.  Many of these cards have different print runs as well as variations as to what color ink was used when he signed.  Red Ink autographs have been deemed scarcer than blue or black autographs.  These variations are added by card companies to increase the value of specific cards.  Pay close attention to the print run and the condition of the signature before making any large purchase.  The condition of the baseball card becomes very important when making a long term or even short term investment.  Try not to over pay for cards in mediocre condition even if they have been signed.

Value of Bryce Harper Rookie Cards

One of the most important questions collectors want to know is what a particular Bryce Harper rookie card is worth.  This is very hard to determine due to the fact that these baseball cards are fairly new.  Condition and scarcity are the key elements that drive the value of any baseball card.  The scarcer the RC card the more it sells for.  Condition sensitive cards also demand a premium if found in optimum condition.  One of the best places to determine the value of Bryce Harper rookies is online.  Auctions sites like Ebay let customers go back and see what particular cards have sold for over the past 30 days.  This information can be very valuable when making a purchase.  Searching completed auctions can give buyers a great idea of what a certain Bryce Harper rookie card is worth.  The key when searching is to make sure you have more than one completed auction to base your decision on.  Make sure that you pay close attention to the condition the card is in as well when trying to determine what the card is worth.  A Bryce Harper rookie in NM-MT condition is worth much less than one graded in GEM MT 10 condition.

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