If you are looking for some of the best Stephen Strasburg Rookie cards you have a lot to choose from.  Due to his immense popularity both Topps and Upper Deck have tried to take advantage of his value before he has played even one major league game.  Upper Deck Stephen Strasburg Rookie Cardincluded Stephen Strasburg rookie cards as part of there boxed USA baseball card sets as well as a regular issued USA baseball card product.  Some of these cards include individually numbered cards as well as autographed cards.

If Stephen is as good as the Washington Nationals hope he can be a major part of there rebuilding.   Here is a list of some of his better rookie cards.

Top 4 Stephen Strasburg Rookie Cards

  • 2008 Upper Deck USA baseball Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card
  • 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Signed Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card
  • 2009 Tristar Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card
  • 2009 Upper Deck USA Team ox set Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card

There are only a few other Stephen Strasburg rookie cards that we have not listed because of how rare they are.  Bowman produced a few one of versions of the Stephen Strasburg rookie cards which are known as Superfractors.  These rare gems are so hard to find that it is almost impossible to determine their real value.  Some of these superfractors have been autographed by Stephen which make them even more valuable.

His cards will continue to climb as long as his name is continuously in the news.  Watch out for some of his newer cards as they will be mass produced.  If you can buy Strasburg rookie cards that are numbered or signed your money will be a lot safer than buying some of his regular issued cards.  It is just a matter of supply and demand.  The value of Stephen Strasburg cards can be determined on ebay.  Check to see what his cards are currently selling for.


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