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Duke Snider baseball cards have always been popular collectibles with baseball fans.  The Brooklyn Dodgers great will always be remembered for his remarkable play during the Dodgers 6 pennant run in the 50’s. Snider was frequently compared to other great center fielders like Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays.  Snider has many popular collectibles that are worth buying.  Many of the best Duke Snider baseball cards are very inexpensive compared to Duke Snider baseball card valueother great Dodgers players. When you compare pricing, his cards are much cheaper than some of his former teammates.  This is why many believe that there is know better time than now to start buying Duke Snider cards.  Before making any purchase you will want to only by cards in premium condition.  That is much easier said then done when you consider that many of the best Duke Snider baseball cards were produced in the 50’s.

So What are the Top Duke Snider Cards to buy?

Well the first you will want to consider purchasing is his rookie card.  The 1949 Bowman Duke Snider rookie card  sells for around $1500 in NM-MT condition.  This card is undersized compared to may of the other cards that are printed today.  Many of these baseball cards have been destroyed or contain a lot of wear due to aging or lack of care.  This is part of the reason why they make such great investments in premium condition.

Top 10 Duke Snider Baseball Cards

  1. 1949 Bowman #226 Duke Snider Rookie Card
  2. 1950 Bowman #77 Duke Snider
  3. 1951 Bowman #32 Duke Snider
  4. 1951 Topps Red Backs #38 Duke Snider
  5. 1952 Bowman #116 Duke Snider
  6. 1952 Red Man #NL21 Duke Snider
  7. 1952 Topps #37 Duke Snider
  8. 1953 Bowman Color #117 Duke Snider
  9. 1953 Red Man #NL14 Duke Snider
  10. 1954 Bowman #170 Duke Snider
  11. 1954 Dan-Dee #24 Duke Snider
  12. 1954 Red Heart #29 Duke Snider

Duke Snider Autographed Cards

Duke Snider autographed baseball cards and memorabilia cards have also become quite popular with collectors. Topps and Upper Deck have created a few different throwback cards and reprint cards that have been personally signed by the Dodger great.  These cards can sell for $75-$100 in today’s market place.

Many people believe that Duke Snider ranks right up there with Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax as one of the greatest Dodgers of all-time.  If you are looking for some great cards to invest in you are going to want to put Duke Snider cards on top of your list.  Here is a list of some of the best and most valuable Duke Snider baseball cards that have ever been produced.

Duke Snider Cards Now on Ebay

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