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The Drew Brees rookie card has become one the hottest football cards in years.  Since his Super Bowl victory over Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, his cards are becoming harder and harder to find.  This is amazing when you consider that many Drew Brees rookie cards have been very inexpensive over the past few years.

Some of the best Drew Brees football cards Drew Brees rookie cards Toppshave more than tripled in value since the Super Bowl.  So what is the best Drew Brees rookie card to buy?  How much are they selling for?  We will discuss these topics in detail.

2001 Playoff Contenders RC Ticket Drew Brees Rookie Card

This is one of the more valuable Drew Brees rookie cards ever made.  These cards are individually numbered and limited to a print run of only 500 signed cards.  This card is currently selling for $700-$800 depending on the condition.

2001 SP Authentic Drew Brees RC

This rare Brees rookie was numbered to only 800 pieces and is not easy to find in good condition.  Most of the jersey cards look amazing and sell for about $600 in the current market.

2001 SPX Drew Brees Rookie

This amazing autographed Drew Brees rookie card is one of his nicer cards and comes with an authentic piece of a game used jersey.  This card is very popular with collectors as it signed and a memorabilia card as well.

2001 Bowman Chrome Drew Brees RC

This Brees RC is much more affordable than the others listed and more frequently traded.  This card can bring you pack a nice percentage on return in the future if Brees continues to play like he has.

2001 Topps Chrome Drew Brees RC

Much like the Bowman Chrome rookie, Topps issued a few variations of this Drew Brees rookie card.  Some of the variations include and autograph, colored refractors that are numbered, and the regular issued chrome rookie.  All of these cards are also very popular with collectors.

Drew Brees has become one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.  This has propelled his football cards to reach prices and values that compete with some of his counter parts like Peyton Manning.  Even though Brees’s rookie cards are not as expensive as lets say Tom Brady rookie cards or Peyton Manning rookie cards they are still amazing and may soon reach those numbers.  Whether you are a Saints fan or just love football cards a Drew Brees rookie card is a must if you are a collector.

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