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Aaron Rodgers rookie cards are some of the most craved cards in the hobby.  Packer’s fans love their quarterbacks and Aaron Rodgers has made them very happy over the years.  With a Super Bowl Championship under his belt and 4 Pro Bowl appearances, you can expect Aaron to continue his dominance of the NFC.  Many forget than Rodgers is only 31 years of age.  The Packers have put together a great supporting cast to help Aaron hopefully get back to the Super Bowl.

The two-time MVP quarterback has many rookie cards that are worth buying.  Here is a complete breakdown of his best rookie cards and most valuable one’s.  We have also included some affordable choices for anyone on a tight budget.

Greatest Aaron Rodgers Rookie Cards of All-Time

2005 Topps Chrome Aaron Rodgers RC #190

The nice, clean chrome finish gives it a sleek design.  These Aaron Rodgers rookie cards grade very well due to the thick card stock.  Centering can be an issue with these cards so buyers should pay close attention.  A refractor parallel is a fan favorite which sells for $450 if graded in gem mint 10 conditions.  The base rookie currently sells for $30 ungraded.

2005 Topps Chrome Aaron Rodgers Rookie

2005 Topps #431 Aaron Rodgers Rookie

This is an affordable Rodgers rookie for anyone buying on a fixed budget.  White borders, hide common flaws so buyers need to pay close attention to nicked corners.  These Aaron Rodgers rookies sell for about $8 ungraded and gem mint 10’s sell for close to $75.

2005 Score Aaron Rodgers #352

A cheap card that’s looks great.  These cards grade well and sell for only $4-$5 on Ebay.  An affordable option for any Aaron Rodgers or Packers collector.  Don’t expect this card to rise as fast as some of the others on our list, but it’s still a great option for anyone in the market for a Rodgers rookie.

2005 Score Aaron Rodgers rookie

2005 Donruss Elite Aaron Rodgers #101 Only 499 Rookie

This Aaron Rodgers foil card was limited to only 499 cards.  Gold and die-cut variations do exist and sell for premium prices due to an even more limited print run.  Currently these Rodgers rookies sell very well in the $150 range if graded in mint 9 conditions.

2005 Leaf Limited #151 Only 250

Another limited edition card numbered to 250.  These cards do grade well and sell for around $300 in mint 9 conditions.

2005 Zenith #260 Autograph /99

This Aaron Rodgers rookie is super rare with only 99 ever being produced.  Each card is personally autographed by Aaron and includes a game used patch embedded in the card.   These rare cards don’t grade well, even though they produced with a thicker card stock.


2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #284 Aaron Rodgers Autograph /199 RC

This awesome autographed rookie card has on helmet autograph and is numbered to only 199.  That’s right, on the helmet.  A very unique card with a ton of upside.  Currently, these cards sell for over $300 ungraded.

2005 Upper Deck Foundations #260 Aaron Rodgers Autograph /175

These RC cards are not easy to find as they were limited to only 175.  They sell for $400 in gem mint 10 condition.   These cards tend to have corner issues which are quite common due to the red border found on the left hand side of the card.  Buyers should pay close attention to the front and back of these cards before making a purchase.

2005 Upper Deck Foundations Rodgers rookie autograph

2005 Topps Pristine #146 Autograph /100

With only 100 cards ever produced, these are definitely some of rarest Aaron Rodgers rookie cards ever produced.  These Topps cards all come hand signed and individually numbered.  These cards normally come well centered, but corner ware is common.  You can expect to pay over $500 for a mint 9 version.

2005 Bowman’s Best #129 Autograph Only 199

This card has a beautiful black design and foil look.  With only 199 of these gems ever produced they fetch a premium price of over $350 if found in mint 9 conditions.  These rare cards come autographed by Aaron and are also all individually numbered.

2005 Topps Finest #151 Autograph /299

This futuristic, metallic Rodgers rookie was limited to only 299.  The bullseye like design features Aaron in his practice jersey and comes with an autographed hologram.  These cards grade extremely well and sell for over $400 in mint 9 conditions.

2005 SPX #223 Autographed Jersey /250

Numbered to only 250, an on card autograph, and a game used patch are only a few reasons why this Aaron Rodgers rookie card is so incredible.    These cards grade and sell well for over $500 if in mint 9 condition or better.

2005 SPX Aaron Rodgers rookie cards

2005 Bowman Chrome #221 Autograph /199

This chromium card comes grades really well.  Poor centering can sometimes be an issue, but not in most cases.  Each card is autographed and numbered to one of only 199.  Gem mint 10’s sell quickly online for $1,000.  Great card with a lot of upside.

2005 Bowman #112 Rookie

This is an affordable Aaron Rodgers rookie card that has a ton of potential.  These cards sell for $10-$15 ungraded.  The condition can be a problem with these cards as colored borders accentuate every flawed corner.  Mint 9 copies fetch $45-$50, while gem mint 10’s bring a little over $150.

2005 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere #16

This is another reasonably priced card which sells for only $5 ungraded.  Parallels include gold and platinum versions.  Gold and platinum versions sell for about double of what the base card does.  These Aaron Rodgers cards grade incredibly well and make sound investments.

2005 Ultimate Collection #242 Autograph /99

An on card autograph and a limited print run makes these cards great long term investments.  With only 99 copies in existence you can expect to pay over $1,500 for a gem mint 10 card.

2005 Playoff Contenders #101 Rookie Ticket Autograph

With only 530 cards in production these are the most popular Aaron Rodgers rookie cards.  The Contenders rookie tickets sell for big money and the demand keeps getting bigger.  Ungraded versions of these football cards sell for $1,500, while gem mint 10 copies sell for close to $3,000.  These are still much cheaper in comparison to those of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Contenders rookies.  Please keep that in mind if you decide to purchase one of these gems.

Contenders Aaron Rodgers rookie ticket autograph

2005 Exquisite Collection #106 Autographed Jersey /199

These cards are super rare and are each individually numbered to 199.  They each also come with a rare, dual, game-used jersey swatch.  These cards sell for $1,500 in mint 9 conditions, while gem mint 10 versions sell for almost double.

2005 SP Authentic #252 Autographed Jersey Only 99 Produced

This limited edition autographed rookie Aaron Rodgers card comes with a game used jersey patch.  Each card is serial numbered to only 99.  Gem mint 10 versions have sold for over $8,000.  This is mainly due to the fact that this is one of his rarest cards.

Aaron Rodgers SP Authentic RC jersey

As you can see there are many different Aaron Rodgers rookie cards to choose from.  Depending on your budget, you can find one that you can afford.  Aaron maybe the best quarterback in the NFL. With Tom Brady and Peyton Manning getting older it is the perfect time for Rodgers to take hold of the throne.

Aaron Rodgers Cards on Ebay

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