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Barry Sanders rookie cards are some of the greatest football cards ever produced. The Lions running back was exciting and fun to watch, which made him a fan favorite. No other athlete that I have had the delight to watch has made me unconsciously dangle my jaw like Barry Sanders.  Barry Sanders’ greatest season came in 1997.  Barry became Oklahoma State’s 1st Heisman winner and also became the 1st winner to be advised of his selection while in Japan although playing in a limited NCAA game in Tokyo.  The Detroit Lions selected Barry Sanders 3rd overall with their 1st-round pick in the 1989 draft.  It’s absolutely amazing when you look at his numbers and take into account his deficiency of a adequate quarterback and accomplished offensive line.  Barry Sanders is perhaps the most detonating running back in the history of football.  He is still esteemed and one of the most productive running backs in the history of the NFL.

Barry Sanders rookie cards ScoreBarry Sanders Rookie Cards

Barry Sanders rookie cards are worth a lot of money especially if they are graded. high graded cards sell for hundreds of dollars.  So, what are the best and most affordable Barry Sanders rookie cards to buy?  Below you will find results of some of hist best football cards.  We have included his most expensive cards and cheaper options for those on a fixed budget.  We have also included information Barry Sanders autographed cards and signed footballs.

1989 Score Barry Sanders Rookie

Score released one of the greatest football card sets of all-time in 1989.  These cards were not easy to find and loaded with future Hall of Famers like Deion Sanders, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin.  Most collectors believe that these are the best Barry Sanders rookie cards to buy.  These cards are scarce and condition sensitive, which normally makes Gem MT 10 versions very hard to find.  These Barry Sanders rookie cards sell for $15-$20 ungraded while Gem MT 10 versions sell for $175-$200.

1989 Pro Set

1989 Pro Set included a Barry Sanders rookie card in the second series of cards they produced in 1989.  These Barry Sanders football cards show him in his Oklahoma State Cowboys uniform.  Most of these cards were cut poorly which causes centering issues that can greatly effect the cards condition.  Buyers of  these rookie cards must also pay close attention to corner issues that may exist as these football cards are not as thick as the Score version.

Barry Sanders football card Pro Set

1989 Topps Traded Rookie Card

The value of this Barry Sanders rookie card is sure to rise.  Currently these cards only sell for $3-$5 ungraded. This is a steal when you consider his outstanding numbers.  These cards normally grade well and Gem MT10 versions are not hard to find.  You can expect to pay $50 for these gems.

Other Barry Sanders Football Cards

Barry Sanders rookie cards are not the only cards collectors would like to get their hands on.  Companies have included Barry in many of their new sets in limited edition form.  These unique Barry Sanders football cards are worth a lot of money.  Many of them are individually numbered, hand signed, or include game-used jersey swatches embedded in the card.

Barry Sanders Autographs

Autographed Cards

Card manufacturers like Topps, Upper Deck and Panini know how much NFL fans love Barry Sanders.  They have done their best to make sure they include him in recent card sets to take advantage of his immense popularity.  These companies have inserted autographed Barry Sanders football cards into packs of their new products to give fans a quality chase card while opening packs.  Some of the unique Barry Sanders autographed cards include another great running backs signature.  These combo cards have displayed his autograph with players like Walter Payton, Jim Brown, and the great Emmitt Smith.  You can expect to pay $75-$150 for most Barry Sanders autographed cards.  Dual signed cards and limited numbered cards can sell for much more.

Autographed Footballs & Memorabilia

Autographed cards are not the only Barry Sanders collectibles fans want to get their hands on.  Autographed Barry Sanders footballs and 8X10 can sell for over $100.  Game Jerseys of the Lions star can sell for over $2,000 if they were game worn.  These awesome items show how very popular Sanders was with fans and how he has become the cornerstone of today’s NFL.

Barry Sanders Cards Now on Ebay

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